100" wide by 75" tall Modern Office Divider Wall, White & Translucent
100" wide by 75" tall Modern Office Divider Wall, White & Translucent
Support Base Detail Photo for Room Partitions
Office Partition Frame Detail Photo
office partition detail photo
Hammered Freeze Translucent Panel for Office Partition
White Opaque Twin Wall Insert Panel for Office Partitions

100" wide x 75" high Office Partition, White & Translucent SW10075-7

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Office Partition Room Divider Wall

Model # SW10075-5-4S-HTW-2S3L-WTW

Wall Width =  100" (8'-4")*
Wall Height = 75" (6'-3")
*Base projection adds 1" at each side
 Room Divider Features:
  • Clear anodized aluminum frame
  • 2 Large Rectangular White Opaque Twin Wall insert panels
  •  4 Large Rectangular Hammered Translucent Twin Wall Panels
  • Easy to install and to take down
  • Portable and easy to move
  • Use for Room Dividers, Office Partition or Office Cubicles, to separate patients in healthcare settings, to separate dental chairs in orthodontic offices, as restaurants divider partitions between tables or for any place a room need to be divided.
  • Combine and attach wall sections to create different length walls and configurations
  • Translucent panels allow light to filter through while still maintaining privacy
  • Modular interchangeable parts enable many different panel arrangements
  • Assembly is required
  • Made in the USA

 Design & Layout Assistance - Need help selecting the right wall sections and combinations? - Let iDivide help you - Click Here