Design & Room Partition Layout Assistance by iDivide

iDivide's Designers are here to help with your space planning and suggest model numbers and sizes that work best for you. They'll be happy to assist if you follow these steps.

Step 1:  Measure Your Space and Email iDivide a Photograph & Measurements

Measure and take photos of the area for the divider walls, including base moulding projections, furniture dimensions and clearances. Send the details to iDivide at

Before & After example of how iDivide has helped our customers:


Initial sketch with measurements sent to iDivide at :


Step 2:  iDivide's Design Drawing - Based on the customer's sketch and photo:


Before photo sent by customer and iDivide's 3D Design Rendering of the
proposed wall configuration:

iDivide Designer's 3D Rendered Image of the Proposed Walls.


Step 3: Get a Quote and Order Your iDivide Walls Your Way